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5 Things we LOVE about winter weddings

So are you planning your amazing day for winter next year? Do you fancy candlelights and romance? Do snowflakes and glitter appeal to you? How about open fires, mulled wine and all things rustic?

Winter weddings are just fab if you like all things shiny. We saw just the most beautiful table decorated at a wedding fair last Sunday that had a silver theme with a gorgeous sequinned silver table cloth and really beautiful white and silver flowers and and Jules and I loved it.

But this is what we (as photographers) adore about our winter weddings…

1) Fairy lights – you just can’t beat a bit of twinkle and fairy lights provide just the best backdrop to almost all things wedding when you are taking pics.

2) Moody skies – so in winter well the weather might be rubbish, but hey, why worry! We embrace it. You just can’t beat a moody sky as an amazing backdrop to a bride and groom shot or even to totally spice up those traditional group shots!

3) Gorgeous details, I love it when our brides embrace rustic. Lets fill our world with rich colours, deep reds, wild berries, twisted twigs and hessian. Vibrance makes for fantastic photos.

4) Mistletoe – only at Christmas can you get away with the first kiss being under the mistletoe. We just love Christmas traditions!

5) Lights – so you may be getting married at 5pm in January, natural light photography is out then, but as photographers this just makes sure we are creative and inspired by what we do have to make amazing pics. Ambient light comes in lots of forms and if you look for it, and have the lights to make the most of it, you can create amazing pics in the lowest of light conditions.

I salute all our brides planning their weddings for this winter and next. My wedding day was 1st December and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!

If you want us to join you at your winter wedding day, fantastic!! We’ll be there in a shot. Call us at the studio on 01494 680811

Winter wedding photography 06

Winter wedding photography 03

Winter wedding photography 02

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