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5 Things we LOVE about Autumn Weddings

So it seems that Summer has been (fleetingly) and gone and now September has arrived, we are into Autumn. A season growing in popularity, lots of people are now ‘falling’ for Autumnal affairs and we can see a few reasons why!

Here’s why we love Autumn weddings.

  1. The colours – Burnt oranges, rusts, coppers and reds. The jewel tones that are abundant create a stunning backdrop for any photo.
  2. Leaves – Making the most perfect of props, you can have endless fun throwing them up, playing in them and they make a natural carpet or aisle runner.
  3. Sunsets – Autumn Days seem to produce the most spectacular of sunsets – such beautiful pink, red and coral hues that dance across the sky. These can help give the WOW factor to an image.
  4. The Food – Cosy, warming food is right up our street. The spicy notes of mulled wine and that sweet smell of sticky toffee pudding or apple crumble…yes please!
  5. Autumnal Accessories – Not only can you totally rock a dress with sleeves, you can get away with some rather awesome accessories in the form of boots. These can add the fun factor to your wedding photos, looking pretty cool and staying warm and dry in the process!

Will you be choosing an Autumn wedding? Maybe it will be you this time next year! If so and you want us to join you at your Autumn wedding day, fantastic!! We’ll be there in a shot. Call us at the studio on 01494 680811

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