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5 Things we LOVE about Spring Weddings

Spring has officially arrived and with it fresh new life blossoms and everywhere feels brighter and fresher. The sun is shining (well more than it has been) and the evenings are gradually getting lighter.

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Here are 5 things we love about Spring weddings.

  1. Light and Longer Days – Days gradually get longer and a little lighter. The subtle light can create some magical moments to take photographs in.
  2. Being Outside – The gardens and grounds allow for some beautiful locations to get married in/eat in and take photographs in. You don’t have to stay indoors and can roam into fields and around the grounds meaning you can stumble across some picture perfect places for some stunning couple shots.
  3. Florals – Flowers start to bloom and nature comes alive in the Spring months and these provide a great backdrop for photos. The mix of pastel and spring like colours that pop up around venues, mixed with a beautiful bouquet can create some wonderful images.
  4. Pastel Shades – we already mentioned that pale pinks and blues were going to be super popular this year and they work so well in the Spring time. We love a pastel hue, whether it be in the flowers or bridesmaids or accessories, they add that pretty touch to any photo.
  5. Pretty wedding outfits – Yes, we can’t seem to help being a sucker for all of those pretty dresses and outfits that guests can wear in the spring. The temperatures increase a little and pretty frocks come out to play. These looks glorious in group shots and we love them! Women, fashion and dresses – yep, sorry, there’s just no escaping it!

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Will you be choosing a Spring wedding? If so and you want us to join you at your wedding day, fantastic!! We’ll be there in a shot. Call us at the studio on 01494 680811.

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