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Creating the Perfect Playlist

So it’s down to the details and you’re choosing which songs to play at various points of your day. Getting the right songs is a big thing and needs some careful thought and considering. It needs to reflect both of your musical tastes and fit the feel of the day…you need to be creating the perfect playlist! I’m sure you have multiple favourite songs…and hopefully they are wedding appropriate!

Whether you are choosing a band, DJ, using an ipod or perhaps you are going for a slightly more modern approach, such as Spotify (this is genius and can really solve many problems!), spend some time making a list of the various stages of your day and what vibe you want to go for and which songs fit best.


Firstly we have the ceremony; from entrance to exit music, traditional or modern, make it work for you. Perhaps if you are getting married in a church, Pachelbel’s Canon could work. Equally you might like something a little more modern. The same applies for the exit, will you be walking back down the aisle as a married couple to The Wedding March or a more up-tempo number like Bruno Mars, Marry You.

On to the reception – something lively or relaxed works nicely, alternatively you could have a string quartet if your wedding is quite formal. You could always play background music, again from Spotify or similar and have a mix of relaxed songs, which you can choose to have just through reception, or onwards through the wedding breakfast.

The First Dance song is a biggy! Have you thought about this already? There are always popular songs like Etta James, At Last and John Legend, All of Me, maybe even ….. Take a look at some of the most popular or choose your own. If you have a particular song (and it doesn’t always have to be slow and romantic), then why not choose that. You could even do a little dance routine…yes, we have seen quite a few of these and they make for fab photos! Full of fun!


The rest of the evening leaves for the dance numbers, with a few slow tracks throw in for good measure towards the end. By all means cater for all guests at your wedding, have some classics, mixed with some modern, but choose songs that you both like and want to hear! Remember there will always be a last song too…so make this a good one to end the night on. Bohemian Rhapsody, Don’t Stop Believin’ or Hey Jude are always winners in our eyes!

I bet you’re all thinking about favourite songs and thinking about creating a playlist, whether to use yourself or pass to a DJ or band. It’s a great idea and once created you can play it on anniversaries or parties, reminding you of that wonderful day. We would love to know your first dance songs and if you would like us there to capture the moment then please do give u a call on 01494 680811 and we would be delighted to help.

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