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Detail and Decor

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. Although these little things may not be the most important and are certainly not worth fretting and stressing over, they can be the little things that make the difference and add that personal and unique touch to your wedding day.

Little things in the décor around the venue can have a huge impact. Ranging from flowers, to photos, to trinkets and props, having elements of carefully thought out design and styling can add that WOW factor to your wedding. Here are a few of our tips.

  1. Highlight a prominent or key feature within a venue. If it’s impressive – show it off. Using lighting or florals can focus the attention.
  2. Think about adding some vintage props to a centrepiece or around the venue if you are having a vintage wedding – think books, old record player, bicycle, bunting, old tins
  3. If you have a theme, add elements to the design and incorporate into the decoration and styling. For example, if you have a musical themed wedding, use old records strung together for bunting or as charger plates.
  4. Add items to a blank space to fill – florals work well, as do large items – maybe place a gift table in an otherwise empty corner. Add in photos, card box, vases and other props.
  5. Don’t overdo it, yes detail is key, but less is more. Take a step back and look carefully – if it looks cluttered, remove items. You want to add personal touches, but your guests may not want to be bombarded with them. And above all, if you can’t think of any to add, keep it simple, flowers, vases and candles can be all you need at times.

If you would like us to capture the finer details and little things, then please do give u a call on 01494 680811 and we would be delighted to help.

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