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Rain on your Wedding Day – All is not lost!

When it comes to weddings, the one thing we can’t control is the weather and try as we might with wishing, sometimes the weather gods just aren’t on our side and the heavens open! However, all is not lost! Here at LG Fine Art Weddings, we embrace the rain, showers or heavy outburst. Rain can actually be rather romantic – thinking of that scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral for one! Rain can be wild, natural and picturesque at times – it isn’t just annoying, despite its first impressions.

In these dreary Autumn days and if you’re getting married when the likelihood of rain is high, we are here to help and give you a few reasons why rain on your wedding day isn’t all that bad.

rain 3

1) Rain props – items such as wellington boots and umbrellas bring another element to your photos, they look cute and create a fun factor.

2) Puddles – capturing reflections in puddles with ripples is like photographing in a mirror. It brings an additional dimension to an image and makes them more art like in appearance.

3) You can capture some super atmospheric shots in bad weather – grey and moody skies make for a dramatic backdrop to your wedding photos.

rain 2

4) Rain drops almost give a textured, 3D and sparkly effect to the image when lit in dark skies or at night – we love anything sparkly!

5) Sheltered spots can be hidden gems – if you and your guests are caught out in a shower and you head to the nearest shelter, these can be architectural points that wouldn’t otherwise be noticed and if big enough and hold everyone, that’s your group shots covered in one!

If you would like us to be there and photograph your wedding day, come rain or shine we will be there. Call us at the studio on 01494 680811 to find out more and book.

P.S Obviously it doesn’t rain on our wedding days, but just in case it decided to…..we come prepared!

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