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Summer Florals

Flowers and bouquets are particularly pretty elements of a wedding day and capturing the pretty makes it a pretty good job for us! (So much pretty!) The summer months offers a wealth of stunning florals and brides and bridesmaids bouquets, grooms and ushers button holes and centrepieces are filled with beautiful colours. It’s a shame we can’t capture some of the scents too, because these are glorious, their perfume filling the air, lovely!


We love snapping away at these beauties and like shoes and accessories, they make wonderful focal points for an image, creating not only just an image and capturing it, but creating a piece of art for you to remember your day by.


Choosing your wedding day flowers has got to be one of the best parts, especially if you adore all things floral, like us! There is so much choice and your florist can create such masterpieces, they really are a joy to shoot. We’ve selected a few of our favourites and here’s a few reasons we love summer flowers.


  1. Colours are naturally bold, bright and beautiful. Spring belongs to pastels, but with summer comes the hot pinks, pillar box reds, colourful corals and blues and lilacs in abundance. Pops of colour on camera is a joy to behold.
  2. Variety – there are so many varieties to choose from. Roses are and will always be popular but the summer months produce a mass of flowers and there are plenty to choose from to mix and match.
  3. Blending in to the grounds – Your venue may have picturesque grounds and gardens that are brimming full of flowers and plants. Bouquets and flower arrangements blend in perfectly to these and the gardens create a magical backdrop.
  4. Strong scents – Ok, we know, as mentioned, we can’t capture the smell; however it makes out job that little bit easier when we are surrounded by sweet smells. Heavenly!
  5. They make useful props- Yes, this can be said with all seasonal flowers, but there is something about a summer wedding and summer florals and the colours and textures that combine to make a stunning addition to an image.




Will you be opting for seasonal flowers for your bouquet and centrepieces? Perhaps you are getting married in the summer? You are in for a treat when it comes to speaking with the florist you lucky things! If you need someone to capture those pretty petals, the please do give u a call on 01494 680811 and we would be delighted to help.

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