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Top Bridesmaid Dress Colours for 2019.

Most brides find bridesmaid dress shopping a fun but different experience from buying their own wedding dress, particularly if they have chosen several bridesmaids and possibly bridesmen too!!! Lots of opinions, skin and hair colours, sizes and the top bridesmaid dress colours for 2019 will give you lots of food for thought! Here’s what some of the dress designers are talking about for this year.


Living coral – this is a talked after top bridesmaid colour for 2019. It is a versatile colour that suits a range of skin tones and would work well on a sunny summer wedding.

Or how about a more traditional navy blue bridesmaid dress, worn at a less traditional wedding by the Groomsmaid!!!


But high up on the list for the top bridesmaid colour for 2019 is steel blue as featured below at Stoke Place:

A similar coloured steel blue dress worn by a Groomsmaid at a wedding at Lillibrooke Manor.

Other more sort after colours are merlot, silver sage, antique rose and dark emerald. Team one of these colours with this years suggested dress styles and your bridesmaids will be bang on trend.

Dress Styles:

  • With Meghan Markle’s ‘Stella McCartney’ halter-neck dress she wore at the evening reception, it’s no surprise that the halter-neck style is going to be big this year. This is a very flattering style on many figures.
  • Cowl necks too are going to be popular – a draped neckline giving the illusion of a fuller bosom in a sophisticated and polished style.
  • There’s also a shift towards a more simple and classic wrap dress, it flatters a multitude of figures and can be worn on other occasions too.

There must be a colour and style that suits all your bridesmaids, and if not, why not mix and match and inject some fun into the dress choice with a different colour and style for each maid!!!

What is important having spent so much time choosing your bridesmaids dresses and the ideal colour, is that you spend time making sure you choose the right photographer. If you want the real colours reflected in your photos then make sure you don’t choose a photographer whose style is to desaturate the colours. Why don’t you come along and chat to us in The Studio and find out more about our wedding photography.

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