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On trend wedding colour of 2015 – Marsala

The more weddings we do, the more I become embroiled in all things wedding. I am now a regular reader of bridal mags and bridal blogs. I’ve always loved the details, as an observer or an artist, as something than will give me a beautiful picture, but now I find I’m interested more in whats on trend, what our 2015 and 2016 brides will like and what amazing ideas and great new details I can expect from our weddings this year and next.

If you are planning your wedding follow our blog whilst we try to give you an insight into not only what looks good and makes a great picture, but also what ideas are just genius, what we love about 2015 weddings and what we predict is going to happen during the year ahead. This is not just for our own brides, but for anyone that loves weddings too.

I’m an avid follower on twitter of loads of great bridal bloggers, wedding planners, venues and florists. I love reading what the latest cakes are going to be (I’m loving the ones covered in gold and can’t wait for my first one of those), what the latest hairstyles are like and what the absolute must have shoes of the season are.

The last few weeks I keep seeing how the colour of the year is Marsala. This I love. From the first time I shot a wedding that used Marsala as the theme at Danesfield house with Pete and Becky, to the styled shoot we did for the new CLiveden House Hotel brochure, with the most gorgeous flowers by Pinks of Hazlemere, what’s not to love!! So whilst the cogs churn and I think about what the colour of 2015 will mean for my brides and my wedding photography, I thought a little inspiration from what we’ve seen before might be a great place to start!

All my lovely readers, I’m thinking we just have to do a 2015 styled Marsala themed shoot. Who’s up for having a bit of fun?! 🙂marsala template

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