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Wedding photography at St Paul’s Cathedral

Well, what can I say. Every wedding photographer’s dream has to be to photograph a beautiful bride and handsome groom getting married at St Paul’s Cathedral!! Wedding photography at St Paul’s Cathedral is like a fairytale and trust me it is definitely going to rank right up there with my most amazing days. I’m counting the days till August and I can’t begin to think about how excited Cheryl and Andrew must be!

Such a lovely couple, Jules and I had the pleasure of meeting them today at St Pauls, to have a look around and to plan our part of their big day. We had a good look around, they filled us in on what they were hoping for and we planned our shots and talked the guys through a lot of our ideas. Jules had us all on an epic hike up hundreds of steps to the whispering gallery and I was very impressed that Cheryl managed it in her high heels. I couldn’t resist a few photo opportunities in the crypt where the ceremony will take place and outside on a glorious Autumn day. We went for a nice lunch and they managed to have Jules nearly in tears telling us all about how Andrew proposed (I have to say top marks for that one Andrew, I was suitably impressed 🙂

All in all a fabulous day, a lovely couple and what a great venue for a wedding. I consider us to be very privileged to be a part of a wedding there and to be part of a wedding of such a great couple to boot. We really are super excited and can’t wait for the big day.

Enjoy a few of the snaps I took today, can’t wait to do it again with all my kit and my lovely team, next summer.

If you are planning a wedding and would like us to be part of your day, please do give us a call on 01494 812201 and we will look forward to hearing about your big day too.

4 responses to “Wedding photography at St Paul’s Cathedral”

  1. Ria says:

    fab pics cant wait for the huge day xx

  2. Debbie Meam says:

    Well what can I say….. Stunning photos.
    Couple not bad looking either……. Well Cheryl is my daughter,

  3. Ria Dickerson (Maid of honour) says:

    The pictures look great! I can not wait until the big day. It is going to be a amazing. 🙂

  4. Colin Burn says:

    Hi Lisa, As the father of the groom, how pleased am I to see your selection of pics,! Yes, purely rhetorical! But especially as yesterday, without knowing of A&C’s meeting with you at St Paul’s two days before, I had arrived at the Shard, i,e. London Bridge Stn. en route for the Cathedral via an exhibition at Tate Modern, so arriving after access to the crypt had closed ! The intention had been to show my companion where the deed was to take place on Aug 9th. next year.

    I don’t expect you have cause to caption any pics but those in front of the solid main entrance doors, bearing in mind the chequerboard beneath their feet, demand ….’Knight and White Queen’ ponder their next move’!

    Look forward to seeing you all in action; all too soon of course!

    Kindest regards, Colin Burn

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