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Wedding Traditions We Love

There are so many wedding traditions; some that will no doubt always be kept, others that have phased out. We like to think to think we are fairly traditional but with a definite modern twist. There are however some wedding traditions that we absolutely adore and are perfect to capture!

  1. Something old…This saying dates back to Victorian time and the full version is ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe. We can photograph some stunning detail shots and creates a fab talking point in any wedding album.
  2. The veil – The wedding veil hides the bride’s beauty and wards off evil spirits. Some super stunning shots can be captured of the bride wearing a veil or with it hung up…and if the wind is right, we have the perfect trick to capture the veil mid-flow…beautiful!
  3. Throwing of the Bouquet – who doesn’t love this moment! This stems from a French 14th-century tradition. In medieval times, guests would rip the bride’s dress to shreds – having a piece of the dress was considered lucky, so after the ceremony, the congregation would pounce and tear it. This morphed into having the groom throw the bride’s garter into the crowd to keep the luck-hunters at bay, before the bouquet emerged as a more civilised alternative to the garter. A lot of fun and some hilarious photos can be taken of it.
  4. Cutting of the cake – Ok so it involves cake! The custom of tiered cakes emerged from a game where the bride and groom attempted to kiss over an ever-higher cake without knocking it over. It’s a lovely moment and one that can be cherished and look back on. And of course, there’s cake to be eaten afterwards!
  5. Confetti – In Britain, throwing grains of rice at newlyweds goes back to pagan weddings, when it was seen as a symbol of fertility. It was the Victorians – perhaps sick of picking food out of their hair – who first used shredded paper. Some quite arty photos can happen at this moment, especially when it’s brightly coloured confetti and petals galore!

Which wedding traditions will you be incorporating into your big day? Or are you avoiding them all together? Either way, we would love to be there to capture your special moments. Call us at the studio on 01494 680811.


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