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Wedding Trends

So with the start of every New Year, come new predictions in the wedding world about what will be hot and what not. We’ve already talked about Pantone’s colours of the year and how these will have a heavy influence in colour themes for 2016 weddings, but will there be any other trends to watch out for, particularly wedding photography focused. Well here are a few of our thoughts.

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  • Selfies – These will still reign supreme with semi-professional wedding selfies taking place – think selfie sticks. We know you’ve all got them! We love a good selfie, however please don’t forget us professionals, we really do make a world of difference.
  • Photo booths – Not just any old photo booth, we are talking bigger, more unusual (in a caravan or mini) and live streaming from the booth. A fun photographic element for the day and one to bring much hilarity!
  • Natural/softer photos – fine art photography is having a bit of a moment and we are seeing a rise in softer, faded, more natural light and images. It creates a dreamy, ethereal and romantic look and suits the more rustic and natural couple.
  • Darker/Edgier Images – yes, slightly contradicting to the previous point we know, but there doesn’t seem to be a huge middle ground any longer. Extremes are taking over and if you aren’t a softer, romantic kind of couple, you may be the ones that are choosing the darker, moodier shots, with dramatic skies, winter weddings and low lighting.
  • Pre-shoots – It’s no secret that we love an engagement and pre-wedding shoot and these are super trendy right now. Not only great for practice, but you can use them for your invites, wedding day and as treasured memories. So cute – and perfect for a Valentine’s gift! You can read more about them here.


Have you noticed any trends coming to the fore recently? Do you agree with ours? We would love to know! If you’re still searching for the perfect wedding photographer who obviously is a master at all the above wedding trends 😉 then do let us know and call us on 01494 680811 to find out more.


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