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Wedding Venue Styling

So you have the venue, but you’re not sure how to incorporate your style? We’ve asked our friends at Goose & Berry to give us the lowdown on wedding venue styling and how to go about doing so – in style! Over to you Emma…

Getting married today brings with it a wealth of choice, not only in terms of venue and suppliers but also themes and styles. Social media infiltrates every part of our lives and you are bombarded with images, which often leaves you with a sense of confusion and feeling overwhelmed. Being a wedding planner and stylist enables us to help and make everything seem a whole lot clearer and calmer and more fun! We are able to take needs and wants and fine tune these; giving our expert opinion on what will work well and how to make the wedding run seamlessly and look polished and bring everything together into a theme or style.

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Getting the balance right

Choosing a venue is often the biggest and first decision to make, along with an overall style for the day. This being said, try not to let one influence the other too much and make one fit the other. Both venue and theme should have synergy and complement each other.  Try not to force a rustic style upon a classic country house. Hints of rustic used in a subtle way can work, but a grand ballroom may look silly with whimsical willow hearts and shabby chic décor. Equally a very formal black tie affair may not work in a barn or beach venue. Think about your venue and its strengths and play to these; use your style to emphasise the good points and any striking features it has. Don’t distract from any stunning detail that may be there or overload and disguise it. Style and venue need to balance each other out and enhance each other as opposed to battling one another to see who gets the most attention.

Detail detail detail!

Often you will have an idea of what you want your day to look like and will often have a theme or style before anything else. The venue chosen is very likely to fit your style and so all you really need to do is add little touches to the décor. The devil is in the detail as they say! Additions such as florals, candles and props can look great when placed around the venue. But keep them to a cake or gift table, or a mantelpiece. One that has focus and doesn’t look as if it has just been placed there for the sake of it. You want people to see the details, so add and enhance an area where you know people will go to.



The tables don’t just have to be plain and boring with plates, cutlery, glassware, white linen and a centrepiece. You can really turn the tables into mini landscapes and works of art with some careful planning and design. Linen can be a multitude of colours and textures. Charger plates of varying tones can be used to set the scene. Different coloured cutlery could be another way of injecting some style. Gold cutlery seems to be everywhere at the moment and looks great with gold rimmed glasses and metallic or glass charger plates. Menus don’t just have to be placed in the centre. Stationery can be so creative now and menus can double up as name cards too. Glassware can be coloured or different styles, as can the plates. Think about squares, circles, rimmed, bowls – play around with them and see what works best with what. Take photos and ask to see how a table is set up. Ask the venue what will be used and ask how the food will be presented at the tasting. The same applies to the glassware. If you have the ability to choose it all yourself, order samples or ask your caterer to help choose the style of crockery and glassware, maybe even the cutlery too.

Centrepieces no longer have to be just a central floral arrangement. Books and cake stands have been used lots in recent times and look great if you have a vintage theme. These work so well in a marquee. More unusual props can be used with flowers, such as typewriters, globes , trunks and telephones. Again these are fab with rustic, vintage styles. Perhaps you could use candles if you wanted a more modern, simplistic, but glamorous look. Candles always look elegant in a winter wedding. Moss and logs fit an autumnal and rustic outdoorsy, barn style venue.

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Make it personal

With everything you see and hear, you may want to incorporate these ideas into your wedding. This is absolutely fine to do, but take inspiration from it and make it your own. Maybe you like the style or layout of a table, but you could use your own colour palette. Perhaps you both adore spending time by the seaside, but haven’t chosen a beach wedding – you could use small shells to decorate the table as table confetti or use them in the centrepieces. If you both love wine, think about how you could bring this into the theme and complement the venue. Maybe using vines or grapes as décor, draping over a bannister or chairs?


A venue could potentially look too washed out if it is of a fairly neutral colour. A marquee could have a similar feel, so think about adding some light in the form of candles or fairy lights and perhaps some mirrors. Perhaps have a clear roof, where you can dance under the stars! Although this doesn’t add any extra colour, it brings another dimension to the effect. Using different textures and heights, particularly in the floral displays, is also key.

If you have a barn, then the bright’s or whites can really brighten up an otherwise dark space. On the other end of the spectrum, many country houses have quite ostentatious and colourful function rooms, which don’t need much in the way of décor and added styling. Bringing in hints of florals and candles may be all you need to add your personal touch and turn it into a truly stunning space.


Pretty good huh! From a photographer’s perspective, getting the wedding venue styling is pretty key -it ties everything together and provides some clarity throughout and some spectacular backdrops; something as simple as a balloon wall can be the perfect backdrop for photos! If you need help with any venue styling, contact Emma at Goose & Berry on emma@gooseandberry.co.uk or visit their website on www.gooseandberry.co.uk. If you would like to capture some super stylish photos, then please do give us a call on 01494 680811.




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