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Which wedding car??!

Normally, in an everyday car kind of way, so long as it’s shiny, a nice colour and isn’t going to break down, usually I’m fairly easy going. Jules (who takes care of our brides and grooms) on the other hand has been very focussed on cars this last week and definitely knows what she likes. She’s also got an uncanny knack of remembering every number plate that she comes across. It’s that attention to detail that is mind boggling!

Just occasionally though even I can really understand the excitement about a having a gorgeous car. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t the teeniest bit of excitement when the gold wrapped Bentley of one of our clients drove up to the studio last year. We really weren’t all sneakily admiring it parked on the driveway, honest!

I love the fun factor in a car that shows your personality. I really get this as my own first car was a fiat 126 and was diddy, in fact I had two at one point a blue and a red which I used to joke that I chose between depending on my outfit that day. One of our couples had a fiat 500 as their wedding car last year. How awesome is that!

Some couples choose a car because of the sentiment attached to it. At our last wedding of 2016 on New Years Eve, the wedding car had huge sentimental value to the bride and her family and was justifiably an important part of the day. At my own nieces wedding she had a VW camper-van, which are perfect for a vintage wedding, but I knew that was also a special choice for my sister and her hubby who both loved VW campers.

So, who knew a car could be so important!!! But which to choose, well we’ve had the pleasure of photographing some amazing cars over the years. Not least some of those belonging to Chris Evans, who brought them to our neck of the woods at Cliveden House Hotel for Children in Need. Here are his pics and todays gallery is a selection of wedding cars to give you inspiration, go have a browse!

If you would like to chat to us about your wedding photography, or are looking for inspiration on anything from cars, to venues, to dress colour to button holes, we have a gallery for you. Give us a call on 01494 730188, ask for Jules and tell her your number plate, then she’ll never forget you, I promise 🙂
















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