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Why Wedding Photography?

Sometimes you just feel that everything happens for a reason…

Sometimes everything comes together just as you dream they will. Its been about 8 years now that I have been building a business that I am super proud of. One where the quality of the photography, the levels of customer service and above all an amazing team just can’t be matched.

I’m sure now, that Saturday was why I have been so determined to make this a success. Saturday, my beautiful niece got married. I remember as a 10 year old girl my big sister Angela having Chrissy, I remember the big Mickey Mouse we picked out for the baby girl as we were on holiday in Disney just before she was due. I remember visiting her in hospital and even now 29 years on I find half the time I call my own girls Chrissy by accident, as it seems like five minutes ago she was a beautiful 5 year old girl.

I never expected that photographing my family on such a special day would affect me how it did, that I would be the one welling up when she put her dress on. That seeing the mother of the bride looking so beautiful or the father of the bride so proud would make my heart jump. It just never occurred to me that things would be different to any wedding day. We always give 100%, we often feel that lump in our throats when we see our grooms holding back the tears. But Saturday was very different.

I have never been more proud of my team, who let me do what they new I had to do, the shots that I needed to be the one to take, the ones that were important to me because that was my niece standing there, but who were exactly where they needed to be delivering the best photography ever when I put my camera down to cuddle my children or finally have a glass of fizz.

I’m so proud of my team and what we can do together and I am super proud of my niece and her lovely husband for arranging the most perfect day in the most beautiful venue.

So yes, it had never seemed more appropriate than it did on Saturday, that this was the reason I decided to become a photographer. This is what it is all about.

If you would like my amazing team to share your special day with you too (we promise to try not to cry), then email enquiries@lgfineartweddings.com

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