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What does this wedding have in common with a famous rabbit??!

 We are very excited in the office this week as one of our wedding venues was one of the main settings in Midsommer Murders on Wednesday night. If you saw the episode “Red in Tooth and Claw” you will (obviously!) have noticed that the bar where Timothy (The League of Gentlemen actor Steve Pemberton) confronted the estate agent Cleo about his prize winning rabbit, was in fact where we photographed our beautiful bride Kat before her wedding!
There was a lot of drama, with the detectives searching rooms, questioning suspects and some false alibis being provided – all in Long Crendon Manor.  Thankfully it was a lot less dramatic when we were there!
_DSC0476 _DSC2863 _DSC3001 _DSC3151 DSC_7880
It doesn’t look like a murder location……
DSC_8034DSC_7768 DSC_7972

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